Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal Heating Systems:

Solar water heating systems use solar panels (sometimes called collectors) to collect heat from the sun which is then used to heat up the water stored in a hot water cylinder. This can also be used for space heating such as UFH using a thermal store.

A boiler is then used to further back up the heat from the water to reach the required temperature.

Solar panels form part of a system which remains separate from the boiler heating system.

The solar water heating panels are mounted on a surface which is selected for its exposure to sunlight and usually connected, via pipe work, to the lower coil of a twin-coil solar cylinder.

The purpose of the solar thermal panels is for the energy in the sun’s rays to be absorbed by the panel and the heat to be transferred into a glycol liquid in pipe work via the solar panels.

The system is equipped with a simple unit to control the flow of energy from the panels to the storage cylinder.